This week was a big week for babybenz because he had his final puppy jabs and I could take him for proper walks! Little Benzo had become slightly accustomed to being taken to Starbucks every morning by means of human carriage, but thankfully he took to walking on a lead & wearing a collar really, really well! Yay for Benzo, ur doin great sweetie.

On top of that, I have watched my little creature just grow and grow this week. He is still a small baby pupper but there are definitely some changes compared to last week, for instance, he can walk up the stairs all by himself! One small step for man, one giant leap for puppy-kind.

On the flip side, he has been a naughty boy. His teething is getting more and more vicious. I have many a dog tooth-shaped puncture in my poor arm. To stop the biting, my vet recommended squeaking at him loudly, as if I were his puppy sibling. Of course the vet managed to pull the manoeuvre off flawlessly and, when I tried at home, I flopped big time. He has loads of dog toys and chewy sticks from when I went on a puppy-hype shopping spree and they aren’t quite making the cut. Benny boy just loves biting human skin. Vampire Benzo. Benzo Cullen. Any tips regarding teething and biting from seasoned dog owners are very welcome!!

Top 4 Benzo Grams of the Week

Glow Up – Week Two

The chewy devil-dog crossbreed himself

The chewy vampire/dog crossbreed himself

Garden Benzo

Innocent eyes // Teeth like knives

Cutie pie Benzo

Sunday morning – Must have one paw on human at all times

Doormat Benzo



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20 thoughts on “Benzo’s Glow Up : Week #2”

  1. Oh my, that is the cutest puppy ever. I so miss the puppy stage with my fur babies. every once in a while I ask my husband for another puppy and he has to talk me out of it. What a cutie.

  2. Oh my goodness! He is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing! We got a dog Memorial Day weekend after moving into our first home and she’s been great! She’s older than the pound told us. She has a few issues to work out because we think she was abused at her last home but fit into our family very quickly!

  3. Awww what a cute puppy, I would love have one of this in my house. can you tell me if his race is an active and energize race or just a calm one who doesnt move a lot.

    1. Benzo is a bit excited and hyper now but I think that’s just because he’s a baby. I’ve grown up with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels my whole like and they are very kind with no temper no do they require much exercise!

  4. Benzo is as cute as can be! I also love his name. We have two fur babies ourselves, and our German shepherd was such a naughty puppy lol. But the stage does pass, I promise! Keep posting about baby benzo because I love love love dogs!

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