On the 16th June 2017, the world was blessed with this lil bundle of cute n happiness. Meet my baby, Benzo, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. His floppy ears make me squeak with joy every time I look at him, and his little tail is always wagging away, just happy to be alive. What’s more is that he is teething like what I imagine a baby shark teethes like. But that’s cool. He’s too cute to diss.

This is the first time that I’ve had my OWN dog, not the family pet, but my own real, living, four-legged creature to nurture and nourish in return for a lifelong friendship & unconditional love. An innocent animal to cherish and look after with so much care. I basically feel like I have a new born baby (I mean, I’m sure that’s way harder work but ya gal here can’t compare) – except my teeny infant chews on everything I own and has pooped on my beautiful cream bedroom carpet. Actually, maybe human babies do the same thing. However, that is future me’s problem and let’s leave that information to one side, for now.

I really do feel like Benzo is the long lost bruv I never had because once I was on the toilet & he simultaneously decided to pee in my shower and I felt the same bond as the one you get when you pee in the same cubicle with random girls in da club. Categorically, we all know that this where true friendships are born.

Last of all, yeah, I have been one of those people who has made an Instagram for their dog. No shame, genuinely no shame at all. Click here for more beautiful Benzos!

Top 4 Benzo Grams of the Week

Glow Up – Week One

Tired and cosy Benzo

Sleepy Benz

Kisses with Benzo

Kissy kissy with human girl

Benzo playing with a bouncy ball in action

Chasing a bouncy ball live in action pro-baller shot

Benzo chewing on my pyjamas

At last, having a bitey chewy bite on my human’s peejs

15 thoughts on “Benzo’s Glow Up : Week #1”

  1. Oh, he is so cute! I love his name too.

    I really want a dog myself, I grew up around them and it feels weird not to have one. I’m currently trying to persuade my other half to get one when we move in together. I need a little fur pal!

    I am definitely going to follow Benzo’s Instagram account.

    Thank you for sharing this adorable post!!

  2. He’s so adorable! I truly love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, they are truly affectionate and cuddly yet really smart! I would love to own one but we move often and it wouldn’t be fair to drag this poor thing from place to place.

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